Potable and Drinking Water Treatment

Life saving water treatment.

Worldwide demand for acceptable quality drinking water is increasing and, coupled with rising community expectations of wastewater treatment discharge quality, has necessitated improved design and operation of water resources infrastructure generally.

Our current design of solar powered UV sterilization units for Handwells, is currently being installed in Cameroon and other regions of Africa who are affected by clean water scarcity, saving thousands of lives.  This initiative to provide clean drinking water for impoverished communities is partially sponsored by a nonprofit partner. We are continuing to develop this initiative to deliver clean drinking water in Africa and are seeking further participation from interested nonprofit organizations whom are in good standing.

Our Processes

We the following water treatment services:

I. Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process accomplished by water pressure pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane to separate ions, removing unwanted salts, suspended particles, contaminants and larger particles from drinking water. This is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids are removed from a solution, by pushing the water through a series of membranes that ultimately sends the clean water into a holding tank, while the contaminants are separated as a waste product.

II. EcoEnviro’s “Life Saving Water Treatment”: EcoEnviro has designed and created a solar powered system that affordably provides Ultraviolet sterilization to impoverished areas that utilize handwells to draw up water for local sources. (See our Video below for more information). Clearing the water of viruses and bacteria can save hundreds of thousands of lives per year. Our almost exclusively mechanical system is not only affordable to setup, maintain but also to ship (the solar panel and small battery are the only non-mechanical parts). This enables nonprofits to purchase, setup and serve more populations around the world. Our Life Saving Water Treatment units (WAL#1- Water Activates Life)have been installed in several regions of Africa, including Cameroon. A recent study said 50% of deaths in Cameroon were a result of dirty drinking water.

III. Water Treatment Plant Repair, Upgrade & Maintenance: EcoEnviro works with several Kentucky municipalities to provide ongoing maintenance and support including the following services: pump out lagoons, remove chemicals, provide refurbishments and upgrades during scheduled maintenance periods. Our refurbished water treatments include depositing chemicals into the water, draining byproducts to sediment pods and then removing the solids to leave the water clean without draining contaminants into the ground water. Our upgrades and alternative water treatment solutions potentially save thousands of dollars while providing cleaner water with less contaminants in the water table.

Life Saving Water Treatment unit by EcoEnviro

Benefits of our Alternative Drinking Water Treatments

We provide alternative, environmental-friendly and affordable solutions to Commercial,  Industrial and Municipality’s drinking water issues.
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Cost Savings

EcoEnviro water treatment systems are more affordable to install, utilize and maintain.

Health Benefits

Cleaner water that with a focus on prevent damage to the environment make for a healthier body and healthier planet.
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Environmental Benefits

EcoEnviro’s water treatment can help eliminate the discharges of water pollution which results in the spreading of disease, fish kills, and destruction of other forms of aquatic life.
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Life Saving Outcomes

Our EcoEnviro’s original design of UV Lights for Handwells, is currently being installed in regions of Africa including Cameroon who are affected by clean water scarcity, saving thousands of lives.