Aerobic Treatment Units for Waste Water Treatment

Ideal solutions with smaller footprints, increased affordability and less pollutants into environment.

EcoEnviro partners with FujiClean USA to provide Aerobic Treatement Units for onsite wastewater treatments that are more affordable, higher quality and higher efficiency with a smaller footprint than traditional unit. Our Advance Treatment Units  treat flows from 1,000 gpd to 18,000 gpd.

Fuji Clean advanced wastewater treatment systems are the most popular onsite systems in the world with over 2 million installed and operating around the globe. Why? We focus on constant product testing and improvement, and give you the highest level of treatment with the most efficient, easy-to-maintain design.

With an integrated septic tank and small footprint, our lightweight systems are highly maneuverable and adaptable-an ideal solution for tight, difficult sites. Our contact filtration treatment includes flow equalization, continuous recirculation and controlled discharge. Our CE5 model, which can comfortably treat up to 4 bedrooms or 500-gpd of straight wastewater, produces a consistent effluent quality with a pollutant removal ratio of around 95%.

Our Process

Why Choose our ATUs (Aerobic Treatment Units)

  • Size Matters! FujiClean systems may be smaller in stature than comparable systems but are intelligently engineered to provide optimal and reliable treatment at a highly competiive cost and small footprint. (Perfect for General contractors)
  • Our ATUs offer “contact filtration” treatment, which is a biological process that is completely natural and environmentally friendly.  It works when the MAC Air Blower introduces oxygen into the aerobic contact filtration chamber so no additives or chemicals are needed.
  • The ATU’s are easy to install and easy to service, and ideal for replacement system installations because they are small, lightweight and aesthetically unobtrusive. Our commercial ATU systems are lightweight, easy to maneuver into difficult sites, install and secure, even in high water locations.

Benefits of our Alternative Drinking Water Treatments

We provide alternative, environmental-friendly and affordable solutions to Commercial,  Industrial and Municipality’s drinking water issues.

Smaller Footprint

You can expand infrastructure, build apartment complexes and subdivisions outside city sewer limits and create a cost-effective solution to construction wastewater issues.
cost savings of wastewater treatment units

Cost Savings

Safely reusing water results in savings, of both resources and costs. Our Advance Treatment Units are most cost-effective to install, maintain and use.
atu advance treatment units wastewater treatment

More Efficient

We utilize ecological engineering treatment and re-utilization of wastewater in a more efficient and cost-effective manner with our leading designs and products.
recycle green energy wastewater treatment

It's Good for the Environment

The innovative processes we use is to prevent damage to our environment by improving and purifying the water, removing some or all of the contaminants for irrigation reuse or safe to recycle back to the environment.