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Water & Wastewater Treatment, Power Generation, Ozone Disinfection & Aerobic Treatment Units
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What We Do

We engineer, design and install the most technologically advanced wastewater, water and power infrastructure anywhere on earth.

We Are A Full-Service Utility Solutions Provider That Specializes In Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment, Power Generation, Aerobic Treatment Units and Ozone Disinfection.

Skillsets & Experience

Our Skillsets include:
  • Decentralized sewer concepts, capable of treating and recycling wastewater onsite, in a vareity of technologically advanced solutions.
  • We repair pre-existing failed waste water infastructure also introducing newer technology such as UV treatment and Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU).
  • We focus on improving the quality of drinking or potable water, utilizing various water treatment processes including reverse osmosis, UV Lights and Ozone Disinfection.
  • We offer power generation as supplemental or backup up electricity sources for municipalities, commercial or residential.

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About our Company


EcoEnviro is committed in its pursuit to solve the toughest wastewater, drinking water and power generation issues on the planet. Limited infrastructure cripples community growth. With our team of industry leading engineers, we approach all projects determined to provide you with the most economical solution possible, while also being environmentally geared toward a better more sustainable future.

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Alternative Energy Solutions

Design. Construction. Management

We design, construct and repair waste water systems from septic through to tertiary treatment plants up to municipal size.

Waste Water Treatment

Prevents disease & contaminants from entering water sources
  • Municipal Packaged Plants
  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Plants
  • Small Waste Treatment plants for small town, apartment complexes, housing authorities or local government agencies.

We design, construct and repair waste water systems from septic through to tertiary treatment plants up to municipal size. We specialize in treatment and re-utilization of wastewater in a more efficient and cost-effective manner with our decentralized water treatment concepts including Advance Treatment Units.

Our process includes improving and purifying the water, removing some or all of the contaminants for irrigation reuse or safe to recycle back to the environment. We can help eliminate the discharges of water pollution which results in the spreading of disease, fish kills, and destruction of other forms of aquatic life.

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Drinking & Potable Water Treatment

Life saving water treatment.
  • Water treatment for municipalities
  • Water treatment for resorts, residential subdivisions & small towns
  • Industrial & Commercial Water Treatment
  • UV Water Sterilization for Hand Wells in countries affected by Water Scarcity
  • Reverse Osmosis water treatment for municipalities, commercial and industrial usage.

Worldwide demand for acceptable quality drinking water is increasing and, coupled with rising community expectations of wastewater treatment discharge quality, has necessitated improved design and operation of water resources infrastructure generally. Our patented design of UV Lights for Handwells, is currently being installed in Africa and Cameroon who are affected by clean water scarcity, saving thousands of lives.  This initiative to provide clean drinking water for impoverished communities is sponsored by a nonprofit partner.

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Power Generation

Sturdy & reliable backup energy source that is affordable and offer more power in less space
  • We supply and install Standby Diesel Generators
  • We provide standard power generation to main power stations
  • We provide power generation to hospitals, healthcare facilities, universities, hotels, apartment complexes, commercial and retail locations, and industrial and manufacturing.
  • We provide backup generation for intermittent interruption of service, severe weather events, and surges in electrical consumption.

A standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates automatically for commercial, industrial and residential use. A Diesel Standby Generator adds exceptional backup power reliability to any home or business or municipality. With reputation for longevity and fuel efficiency, a Diesel Backup Generator keeps the power on in any weather or any circumstance of power interruption from the main power station

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